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Physician Based Care

You will visit with a physician every time
you walk into our office. All of our
physicians have experience working with,
and have a strong focus on addiction
treatment. You can be certain that your
treatment is our top priority. With regular
appointments, including weekend and evening
availability, you will never have to


Your Future Is Our Focus

NuVitasGroup is first and foremost an opioid
addiction clinic, meaning that from the
moment you walk in the front door, you are
dealing with staff that is dedicated to your
future. From ensuring that you are ready
for tapering, to regular appointments
allowing for effective communication
between you and your physician, we are
here for you every step of the way.


Staff That Cares

We walk beside you on your journey to a
fresh start. Throughout the process with
NuVitasGroup, we work side by side with
you to ensure you are getting the care you
need to heal at your pace. Our physicians
work hard to ensure you get your
medication when you need it, preventing
additional hardships.

Welcome to NuVitasGroup

NuVitasGroup treats opioid addiction using medication-assisted treatment combined with behavioral counseling in an outpatient setting. Our physicians utilize a scientific methodology combinatorial approach to deliver customized treatment. NuVitasGroup is driven by our mission to provide the most advanced opioid addiction treatment available today.

NuVitasGroup Benefits

NuVitasGroup is dedicated to providing personalized, friendly care during your healing journey with:

  • A Personalized Treatment Program.
  • Staff that cares.
  • A Focus on your future.
  • Physician based care.
  • A Fast Intake Process.
  • Stabilization when you need it.