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Check out what some of our amazing former patients have to say about their journey with NuVitasGroup.

I truly adore the staff. Sweetest, most helpful, caring people you'll ever find. They make you feel like family. I could find a place closer to home, but, I wouldn't trade people that I genuinely like just to save some travel time. I've been going to NuVitas for several years. Every visit feels like going to visit old friends! Wish I could give Shayla, Dana and Dr Maloney more than 5 stars! If you're looking for a place where you belong, regardless of who you are, you've found it!!
misty m.
Today reminded me of what a wonderful group they have here at Nuvitas. Amazing people that have helped me in so many ways. I suggest if u need help call them. You wont regret it. A1!!!!!!!
Jonah M.
I've been going here for quite a while and I really feel like they treat me like family at this point. I would recommend this place to anybody that needs some help with their recovery process. I've never felt more comfortable and safe in a doctor's office before. The doctor l see is amazing with years of experience the nurses are the best, sweetest most helpful I've ever met!!! It's also very discreet and low profile, you're usually only there with one or two other patients in the building at any given time and it's in a very good location for privacy if that's a concern of yours.
J H.
I have been clean & sober off of opiates for 2 years & 4 months now & I can’t thank the staff enough for being so caring, compassionate & understanding! They are so easy to get along with as well... If you are wanting to choose a Suboxone maintenance program you should definitely come here!
Jordan H.
Nuvista is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I called several places wanting help before I called Nuvista and they was rude or didn't answer one couldn't get me an appointment for a week. As soon as I called Nuvista they were concerned and calling me back and trying to make sure they got they got me in that day. They cared and have helped me change my life. I haven't felt this good and been this healthy in 20 years. This office is wonderful! I couldn't have never done this without them!
Unbelievably amazing staff and Dr.'s. I've been a patient with this company since they have opened and with Dr. Maloney since before they opened. He's by far one of the most understanding and helpful physicians I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. As long as your honest and upfront about any and everything that your enduring I've never had them not want to help me or try and work with me. They've helped me get through some of the hardest times in my life and helped get me to where I am now, living and leading a normal and happy life. I never thought I'd be able to say that. Dana and Shayla are both always so sweet, happy, and helpful about everything. Your not going to find another office like this one! If your having concerns about whether or not you should get help and are looking for one that will really help and make you feel like they care, this is the one! They always try and make sure your comfortable and care about how your feeling. Don't hesitate to reach out to them it will only help you in the long run. It helped me!
Robert M.
Excellent and helpful staff! I look forward to my appointments each month!
Robin A.
I can’t even begin to explain how awesome the staff and doctors are at this facility. After many, many years of trying to control my addiction, I was referred to NuVitasGroup after leaving rehab. I must say I was very nervous and unsure if this place would be able to help, because I’d tried just about everything. When I first started going, the current doctor that was assigned to me, really didn’t make me feel comfortable, but the nurses were extremely friendly, considerate and kind, and they put my mind at ease. Lucky for me, after a few visits, my doctor was called away, for reasons unknown to me. I say lucky, because my new doctor was one of the most kind, friendliest and helpful doctors, one could ask for. I wasn’t just another patient to her, instead I was someone worth saving. Also, the staff at NuVitas, Dana and Shayla , are two of the most beautiful, kind, caring souls, you could meet. They would go out of their way to help you and to make sure that you always feel like you matter. I always look forward to sharing with them, my wonderful journey to recovery. This place has truly saved my life and for that, I am grateful! Thanks!
Robert S.
Great Place to go to get Sober and Get Recovered from Oppioid Addiction. Professional and friendly staff. Drug epidemic in USA are killing many people today. If you have Desire to stay sober for self and family this is a great place to get treatment and not become another number in the statistic.
I've been to a few different places but this by far is the best. They don't treat you like you're a lowlife here. I called and talked to Gia and she asked me questions that even doctors at other clinics never asked. Then when I came in for my appointment they took me to a private room because I didn't feel all that good. From there she explained the process and how they would help me. I love my dr and my nurse! The front office gal is really nice too! I started going monthly after my second visit, and at other clinics I had to go daily! Thank you so much for helping me!
Wonderful group of people that where very friendly and considerate. I would recommend this specific group to anyone that has had an addiction problem, but is serious about getting treatment and giving recovery an honest effort. If every community had a place like this treatment would be so much more sustainable
Michael G.
where to start? I was an addict for 8 years been to countless rehab centers nothing seemed to work so im searching the internet on Aug 21st 2018 an i come across NuVitas group i gave them a call an they fit me in that day an i left that office with my first two weeks of suboxen. I was terrified i was gonna relapse for the 100th time but Dana, Gia, shayla, an Dr.Maloney had an unbelievable amount of faith in me something no other Dr office/rehab had given me before an i finally felt like i could do this i could be clean an that recovery was possible!!! I looked forward to my monthly dr visit with Maloney an his staff. An now im here coming up on one year SOBER!! Thanks to Dr.Maloney, Dana, Gia, an Shayla I couldn't of done it without there help, an support. This staff goes above and beyond for there patients I truly couldn't of asked for a better staff in my most vulnerable state. Yours truly a recovering addict
Tara L.
The staff here truly care about your recovery, and work with you around your own schedule to get you in. When your there all of the staff are very nice and listen to what you have to say and give great advice. They get you in and out of there without a long wait. Overall it's a great place to go for those who are struggling with there recovery, they truly care and will let you work your recovery at your own pace. 👍
Andrew B.
Staff was VERY friendly, courteous, and helpful definitely the best clinical facility I have ever been to. Would recommend 100%
Adam T.
The staff is amazing. Dana, shala and all the nurses are caring people. Dr. Maloney is an amazing dr. Very caring. Companies like this must always remember saving lives is as important as profit. Dr. Maloney and the staff believe this and are wonderful.
C B.